Growing your Money, Protecting your Assets, and Maintaining your Income for Life

why kristopher curtis financial?

three reasons why so many people

choose kristopher curtis financial

There are endless reasons that could be listed for why so many choose us. For starters, we believe in honest and transparent communication with our clients. We make sure to always listen carefully to their needs and concerns to better understand how we can support them. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality services and ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. Since 1986 Curt Whipple has helped hundreds of people accomplish three major things and now continues in this tradition with his partner and son Kristopher Whipple.

Invest with Kristopher Curtis Financial for present and future goals.

It is important to grow your assets in order to have the financial lifestyle you deserve. However, most people only plan toward retirement needs. At Kristopher Curtis Financial, we want our clients to enjoy both now and their future lifestyle. Therefore, we work according to our clients’ goals to help them enjoy the entire journey, including their retirement years. “It’s what sets us apart from other advisors” states Kristopher!

Learn how to protect your assets and learn where to invest your money.

Helping to protect your assets along the way from serious losses is another area where we stand out from other advisors. Most advisors only focus on trying to help your money grow. However, have they ever told you what rate of return you NEED to accomplish your growth goals? “When the market fell 55% in 2007-2009, I had a 65-year-old widow come in who had seen her investments fall from $1.4 million to just $674,000” states Curtis. “Her advisor told her not to worry as the market would someday come back”. Try telling someone who now is taking out money to live on that her account will come back while she is shrinking the value through withdrawals each month! Our clients learn what rate of return is needed, then how to minimize taxes during their lifetime (which makes their money last longer) and then we talk about WHERE to invest their money. It’s a major difference that other advisors just seem to ignore. It’s what separates Kristopher Curtis Financial from other advisors.

Maintain income for life with Kristopher Curtis Financial.

Maintaining income for life is critical to everyone who retires or can no longer work. For most investors it is not about how much money they have but rather about will they always have a sufficient paycheck to cover all of their financial needs and even some wants for as long as they live and have it adjusted for inflation. “Our clients like to put their head on their pillow each night and sleep well never wondering where their next paycheck is coming from” states Kristopher. At Kristopher Curtis Financial we plan to walk side by side with our clients over the next 30 plus years endeavoring to make their lives extremely enjoyable and comfortable so they never worry about IF they can depend on the next paycheck they need.


It’s what separates Kristopher Curtis Financial from other advisors!

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